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God Emperor is a blood-stained fantasy Megagame of Power, Lies, and Regicide.


Ten thousand years ago, the God Emperor and his infinite army came down from Heaven. In a single night they took over the continent, slew the demon who ruled here, and built Mount Leviathan from it's bones. He has ruled with an iron fist ever since: Perfect, infallible, and eternal. You know this because everyone says so, in public. There’s nothing to contradict it. He burnt all the history books.


Now, though, you hear the same people also whisper blasphemy: The God Emperor grows weak. He is seen little, and makes few decrees. Soldiers desert his armies. The old religions, almost forgotten now, are re-sprouting like trees after a fire.


You are a member of a Noble House. As the God Emperor rots, you have grown strong. Soon, this land will be yours. You will command armies. Make laws. Plot treason.


You will become God.

This product contains all digital files you need to run a day-long Megagame event:


  • More than 250 cards 
  • 9 House Sigils 
  • Home castle sheets for 9 factions
  • Individual briefings written for 45 players from 9 factions 
  • A digital image of the God Emperor map 
  • Order forms 
  • Titan cards 
  • Flags 
  • Banners for each house 
  • Anti-harassment and accessibility policies 
  • Feedback forms 
  • All feedback data collected from the original run of God Emperor
  • Support for up to 45 players. Suggested number of players: 27 to 45.

What is A Megagame?

A Megagame is like 3 boardgames mashed together into a grand strategy event. You will join together with a team of 3-5 others as a Noble House, and plot, backstab and fight over the course of the day to topple the God Emperor and gain the Celestial Throne.

Each turn, your team will split up and try to grab power in one of the three core areas of the game: War, Politics, and Espionage. You get to choose which one to go to each turn. Each area is like a separate game that impacts the Megagame as a whole. In between turns you will gather back with your House to Marry, hold Funerals, and Duel challengers to protect your family’s honour.


More details:


  • We ran it using 10 control people (3 for each game section and 1 overall).
  • The game doesn't require any use of technology like apps or printers on game-day.
  • Overall, players rated this game 4.3/5, and 91% said they'd return.

God Emperor

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