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You're curled up in front of the fire reading a folk tale on a cold winter's night. Something about it seems so familiar. Have you read this before?

A Visual Novel of strange magic and lost secrets, now live for free on Steam and


i. Explore a cosy and mysterious fantasy universe inspired by fairy tales. The old kind of fairy tales, strange and wild, before the edges were sanded off. Warm and comforting, but with parts you don't quite understand, and you don't know if you want to understand.


ii. Befriend strange and wonderful folks. Navigate 4 main routes through the game as you grow closer to the main characters.


iii. Align yourself with G-d, Death, or the Devil. Choose your godparent and your destiny.


iv. Uncover secrets and mysteries. Something strange haunts this book. What was that shape? At the corner of your vision?


v. Multiple endings. So, so many endings. I cannot be stopped.



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