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The Thief, the Toad, the Witch and the Mushroom is a cosy but mysterious visual novel inspred by my love of folk tales and old choose-your-own-adventure books. The game is designed to evoke the experience of reading through an old book by the fire on a rainy night. As you read on, you discover strange notes and documents hidden within the pages. Will you unravel the truth? Or will it unravel you?

The art for this game is collated from a variety of sources in the public domain. A full list of credits will be available in the Acknowledgements section on launch.


i. Explore a cosy and mysterious fantasy universe inspired by fairy tales. The old kind of fairy tales, strange and wild, before the edges were sanded off. Warm and comforting, but with parts you don't quite understand, and you don't know if you want to understand.


ii. Befriend strange and wonderful folks. Navigate 4 main routes through the game as you grow closer to the main characters.


iii. Align yourself with G-d, Death, or the Devil. Choose your godparent and your destiny.


iv. Uncover secrets and mysteries. Something strange haunts this book. What was that shape? At the corner of your vision?


v. Multiple endings. So, so many endings. I cannot be stopped.


i. Developer: Jack McNamee, based in Brisbane, Queensland. Music by Tully Grimley.

ii. Release Date: March 23rd, 2024 (PC / Mac).

iii. Platforms: Steam and


iv. Website:

v. Regular Price. Free. 



Logos & Icons


Jack McNamee is a game designer from Brisbane, Australia. His other works include the megagames God Emperor and We Are Not Alone.

Tully Grimley is a teacher and musician making his soundtrack debut in The Thief the Toad the Witch and the Mushroom. As a long-time fan of adaptive soundtracks, he's enjoyed the chance to stumble face-first into the hidden challenges of loops and audio engines.

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